The year was 1983, and Angela's father was singing Scarlet Ribbons again.  As much as she fought it, Angela knew her efforts were useless and that soon she would be fast asleep.  From that moment, Angela understood how music was a life-changing experience.  She learned piano and guitar, but her greatest and most expressive instrument was her voice.  
        Growing up, she learned the spirituality of music through leading the praise band at church, and carried that through her creative and performative journey.  In college at UC Berkeley, Angela discovered the full expression of music through modern dance, and the joy of performance and arrangement through DeCadence, a collegiate a cappella group, as well as continuing solo songwriting.
            All her efforts did not go unrecognized.  In dance, she was given the opportunity to perform with the much acclaimed Joe Goode Performance Group during their 2002 Home Season at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  In a cappella, Angela eventually directed DeCadence and won Best Arrangement for a medley titled, "Pop Nightmare" at the ICCA quarterfinals in 2001.  Continuing her songwriting, Angela pulled together an album and received airplay on KALX, the local college radio station.  And because it was college, she felt compelled to get a degree, so received one in  Sociology with a minor in Dance and Performance Studies.
            Angela recently graduated from ExPression College of Digital Art with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sound Arts and has found new excitement in audio editing, mixing, scoring, and post production.  Her current projects include recording DeCadence's next album, and mixing and mastering another album for a wedding.  She continues to marvel in music and its ability to change her life.